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The thing is with… Google

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I got on a bus today. And by doing so, carelessly broke a solemn oath sworn some 20 years past, on the day I passed my driving test. There I stood, stranded in no man’s land, between tube stations with no cabs in sight. Until Google Maps dutifully stepped in and instructed me to board ...

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The thing is with…Email


Send me an email. I defy you. My inbox is now so impenetrable my mother is classed as spam. My wings are like a shield of steel, as Batfink would say. Like most of us, I’ve simply been forced to build this barricade to ensure I actually receive the rare important ones. I’m tired of ...

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The thing is… With Kindle advertising


Well, it’s not a book is it? Let’s set the scene: woman poses next to inanimate object. Woman has pearly white smile. Woman sings the virtues of said inanimate object. Meet Denise; Denise is a book lover. She would like to talk to you about the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Denise wants you to know ...