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The thing is with… The Youth Today


Ok, so which of these do you remember: W)* ….watching Bill and Ben and playing Hopscotch?  (Vinyl) X) …watching Bananaman and playing on the Commodore 64? (VHS) Y) …watching Peppa Pig and playing XBox One? (iPhone) *(the  second lot of Baby Boomers, we’re calling them W) Suddenly, I’m old. Not because of the few grey ...

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The thing is with… The Ad Agency Model


Like many other blissfully ignorant businesses before them, agencies haven’t changed fast enough and are now dying, some might argue they’re already dead. What, no? WPP made more than £1bn in pre-tax profits last year?! Sure, but look at how they did it, even Sir Sorrell admitted that despite matching the record breaking year before, that ...

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The thing is with… Customer Service

JO customer service

It’s all in the bag… I’m in WHSmith, which as far as I can work out, exists solely to cater for a niche market of middle aged men (who don’t have an iPad); who decide that morning they fancy a new hobby and immediately need to read a magazine about it. …So here I am. ...