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The thing is with… The WhatsApp Deal


As far as I’m concerned, the problem in this equation isn’t WhatsApp, it’s Facebook. We may look back in years to come and wonder what the hell we were thinking. This might prove to be the poster child deal of an impending bubble at the height of the madness, the pinnacle that defined the last ...

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The thing is with…Open Plan Offices


Come on, be honest – how productive are you at work nowadays? “I’m just going home to work; I really need to concentrate on this piece”. OK, now whilst I appreciate that this is actually code for “The sun’s out; I really need to get a few hours on the bike” – the fact that ...

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The thing is with…Fakebook


As Facebook turns 10, everyone is speculating about what this upstart will grow up to be. But the key to their future lies in the past. It’s already been written – by 1.23 billion people on their timelines. And so they have all shared in ensuring its demise. With a 25% decline in young users ...