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The thing is with… Flying


I don’t care what class you travel in. It’s all the same; slow. LHR-JFK takes 7 hours and 40 mins. 38 years ago; it took just 3 hours and 20 mins. While I appreciate nowadays we have a phone without a cord and vacuum cleaner without a bag, when it comes to air travel it ...

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The thing is with…Dying


Okay, I know what you’re all thinking; sharing my fake happy life online and having all my personal effects on a cloud is all very well, but what happens when your own internal server has a denial of service? Undoubtedly ‘Google Now’ would have accurately predicted that you were about to croak it and will ...

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The thing is with… Hiring a Team

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It’s beyond me why, like Estate Agents, Recruitment Agencies still exist. In this ultra-interconnected world why do people still insist on using an intermediary? Big data and an algorithm should simply match your perfect candidate by criteria/skills required and automatically invite them to interview. Another commission greedy suit’s task I can’t wait for a robot ...

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The thing is with… Twittbook


Whilst it seems that Mr. Zuckerberg is intent on buying every new start-up and changing them into Facebook, the few that can’t be bought are changing themselves into Facebook anyway. The latest is Twitter. Yes, shock horror the infamous ‘Retweet’ (which was of course created by the users themselves) is rumoured to be changing into ...