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The thing is with… Brand Relevance

Last week Google became the world’s most valuable brand. 16 years ago, it wasn’t even incorporated. Turns out the average lifespan of a company listed on the S&P 500 today is now also just 16 years – having decreased by more than 50 years since the 1920s. The pace of change is accelerating, disrupters can ...

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The thing is with… Other People

other people

“We’re off to the Cinema…” my then teenage girlfriend at the time shouted to her Father. “…which way are you going?” boomed the dreaded reply from the living room. As a professional driver, his only method of interaction ensured we missed 15mins of Lethal Weapon 3 by supplying an excruciatingly detailed route… I’m talking seasonally ...

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The thing is with… Legislation

legislation James Olden

‘Those travelling along country roads at night should send up a rocket every mile and then wait 10 minutes for the road to clear.’ That was the decree when cars were first introduced to Pennsylvania. The Farmer’s Anti Automobile Association went on to order that: ‘…if a motorist sees a horse coming down the road, ...