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The thing is with… The News

My Great Uncle Ernie got out of his chair at 9:59pm, grabbed the TV remote and announced, “I don’t watch the news anymore… it’s too depressing.” He had a point. Studies show that bad news now outweighs good news by 17:1. The prospect of sitting through half an hour of hell before bedtime is going ...

3 mins

The thing is with… Twittbook


Whilst it seems that Mr. Zuckerberg is intent on buying every new start-up and changing them into Facebook, the few that can’t be bought are changing themselves into Facebook anyway. The latest is Twitter. Yes, shock horror the infamous ‘Retweet’ (which was of course created by the users themselves) is rumoured to be changing into ...

4 mins

The thing is with… The WhatsApp Deal


As far as I’m concerned, the problem in this equation isn’t WhatsApp, it’s Facebook. We may look back in years to come and wonder what the hell we were thinking. This might prove to be the poster child deal of an impending bubble at the height of the madness, the pinnacle that defined the last ...

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