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The thing is with… Customer Experience

Now – The Customer is always right. I’m not talking about a diner insisting he didn’t order the clam chowder. Or justifying some archaic customer service mantra. I’m referring to the fact that nowadays, consumers are empowered and making their own decisions – right or wrong – about what they want and how they want ...

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The thing is with… The News

My Great Uncle Ernie got out of his chair at 9:59pm, grabbed the TV remote and announced, “I don’t watch the news anymore… it’s too depressing.” He had a point. Studies show that bad news now outweighs good news by 17:1. The prospect of sitting through half an hour of hell before bedtime is going ...

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The thing is with… Hiring a Team

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It’s beyond me why, like Estate Agents, Recruitment Agencies still exist. In this ultra-interconnected world why do people still insist on using an intermediary? Big data and an algorithm should simply match your perfect candidate by criteria/skills required and automatically invite them to interview. Another commission greedy suit’s task I can’t wait for a robot ...

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