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The thing is with… Value


What’s it all worth? …and is it all worth it? The stock market continues to climb. Property values are hitting record highs and 143,000 people have moved into work in just three months. Yet, while Britain’s billionaires have seen their net worth more than double since the recession — the average household income has only just recovered from the ...

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The thing is with… Working 9 to 5

It’s true that the earth orbits the sun in about 365 days and it takes 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.09 seconds to turn completely on its axis — but surely, in today’s mobile, 24 hour, always on society we can find a better way to split this time up? After spending all night watching the entire ...

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The thing is with… Little Piggies

This little piggy went to market… “Hi James, well you see we have been developing this product now for the past 12 months, so we really want to make sure we give it a good launch…” Every week I get told this. Every week it makes me want to squeal. This little piggy stayed at ...

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The thing is with… The News

My Great Uncle Ernie got out of his chair at 9:59pm, grabbed the TV remote and announced, “I don’t watch the news anymore… it’s too depressing.” He had a point. Studies show that bad news now outweighs good news by 17:1. The prospect of sitting through half an hour of hell before bedtime is going ...

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The thing is with… Other People

other people

“We’re off to the Cinema…” my then teenage girlfriend at the time shouted to her Father. “…which way are you going?” boomed the dreaded reply from the living room. As a professional driver, his only method of interaction ensured we missed 15mins of Lethal Weapon 3 by supplying an excruciatingly detailed route… I’m talking seasonally ...

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