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The thing is with… Value


What’s it all worth? …and is it all worth it? The stock market continues to climb. Property values are hitting record highs and 143,000 people have moved into work in just three months. Yet, while Britain’s billionaires have seen their net worth more than double since the recession — the average household income has only just recovered from the ...

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The thing is with… UK Investment


Rule out, Britannia? Well, can you name more than three British Tech Start-up Global successes…? Sure our SMEs are the backbone of the British economy – they just don’t seem to have the ability to translate globally without the help of the Americans. Do you know who the Top 10 British Technology companies actually are? ...

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Twitter in muddy waters: hoax moves stock price 25%

We all have the power to talk, now we need to know who is worth listening to. The trouble with Twitter (like many other social sites) is that with a few dollars and an impactful tweet, anyone can exert a degree of power. The fact is perception cannot be trusted.

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Continuations: money ball for vc

Money Ball was a good movie (I have to admit to not having read the book) with a crucial theme: statistics beats human intuition in complex situations. With the predictions for the 2012 elections we saw the same theme play itself out as Nate Silver crushed the pundits by using data (….)  

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Dare, do!: the shift: revenue is the new black

I am in London and the atmosphere is distinctly changed to when I was here even a few months ago. If there was ever any doubt, now revenue is definitely the new black! Two years ago everyone wanted to build big consumer web services. Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter and about a million smaller (…)