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The thing is with… Little Piggies

This little piggy went to market… “Hi James, well you see we have been developing this product now for the past 12 months, so we really want to make sure we give it a good launch…” Every week I get told this. Every week it makes me want to squeal. This little piggy stayed at ...

5 mins

The thing is with…Open Plan Offices


Come on, be honest – how productive are you at work nowadays? “I’m just going home to work; I really need to concentrate on this piece”. OK, now whilst I appreciate that this is actually code for “The sun’s out; I really need to get a few hours on the bike” – the fact that ...

2 mins

The thing is with… The Ad Agency Model


Like many other blissfully ignorant businesses before them, agencies haven’t changed fast enough and are now dying, some might argue they’re already dead. What, no? WPP made more than £1bn in pre-tax profits last year?! Sure, but look at how they did it, even Sir Sorrell admitted that despite matching the record breaking year before, that ...

3 mins

The thing is with…Email


Send me an email. I defy you. My inbox is now so impenetrable my mother is classed as spam. My wings are like a shield of steel, as Batfink would say. Like most of us, I’ve simply been forced to build this barricade to ensure I actually receive the rare important ones. I’m tired of ...

3 mins

The thing is… With Kindle advertising


Well, it’s not a book is it? Let’s set the scene: woman poses next to inanimate object. Woman has pearly white smile. Woman sings the virtues of said inanimate object. Meet Denise; Denise is a book lover. She would like to talk to you about the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Denise wants you to know ...

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