Drawing from my experience in the marketing and advertising industry I support a wide range of entrepreneurs and enterprises – assisting them in defining and communicating their brand propositions.

In my role as consultant I work as a business mentor, brand director and creative strategist – supporting entrepreneurs and startups that need the associated skills to launch and scale.

Gone are the days of autonomy; no one believes what you say anymore. Companies aren’t able to control communication channels, manage their image and continue to generate sales through paid promotion alone.

The world’s changed. The walls have come down. Customers are no longer sitting and listening – they’re up out of their seats and having a look around. Buyers are transient – market leaders now look over their shoulders and sales teams are still trying to figure out what the hell happened.

The old methods have become antiquated and ineffective; people are empowered, meaning brands will never regain the safety they once had. It’s no longer about impact but interaction – genuine, conversation lead communications.

I am an ideas man; I manage my own, I invest in others.

Companies and Interests